Marine Construction

UKI has the experience and capabilities to deliver marine and coastal engineering works across the UK. We have an in-house team of specialists who specialise in delivering world-class solutions in these environments.

Heritage Restoration

UKI specialise in the restoration and conservation of Britain’s historic and listed buildings and monuments which are a fundamental part of our culture and heritage.


Recycling Plant Installation

Working with our main Recycling Plant partner, Blue Group, we utilise our installation teams to help our clients take their recycling project from start to finish.


On-going Project


Southend Pier is a major landmark in Southend-on-Sea. Extending 1.34 miles into the Thames Estuary, it is the longest pleasure pier in the world. The pier is a Grade II listed building and is currently undergoing anchor bay renewal at the hands of UK Industrial Services. UKI are able to smoothly renew the anchor bays without causing disruption to everyday pier use, thanks to their bespoke moveable lifting structure.

Royal Visit

Duke and Duchess visit Mumbles

While UK Industrial Services continues the restoration work at Mumbles Pier, a recent visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did much to highlight the work already completed. This includes the decking, arched beams and handrail.

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Heritage Restoration

South End Pier – Heritage Restoration

Undertaking the repair of South End Pier anchor bays – This job will require us renew the piers spine beams and bracings. Utilising a bespoke structure to support the railway for future use.

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Explosion Surpression

Heineken Cork – Installation of Explosion Suppressant System

Installing Stuvex Explosion Surpression System in the Heineken Cork factory. Explosion suppression can best be described as an extremely fast, fully automatic extinguishing system.  An explosion is detected in a very early stage and suppressed by injecting suppression powder.

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Heritage Restoration

Cromer Pier – Marine Construction

UKI will be undertaking routine maintenance on Cromer Pier. Substructure work and civils.

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Heritage Restoration

Mumbles Pier – Heritage Restoration

Full restoration of the complete Mumbles Pier, entailing piles, bracings, main steelwork and decking. This project is projected to be on-going for the next year and a half.

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Plant Maintenance and Mechanical Handling

Plant Maintenance is clearly an issue of strategic importance. Cost is reflected not only in the hourly rate for the mechanic, but also in equipment reliability, downtime required for repairs and overtime for emergency repairs. UK Industrial Services has emerged as a benchmark with its contract maintenance approach to cost-effective and reliable plant operation.

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